19 inch 5 holes 5*112/114 .3 black alloy car wheels of ET35

Looking for a high-quality car wheel that packs both style and functionality? Look no further than the 19 inch black alloy car wheels of ET35 with 5 holes and 5*112/114.3 bolt patterns. These wheels deliver optimal performance and add a sleek touch to any car.

The ET35 black alloy car wheels are precisely crafted to withstand the most rigorous driving conditions, ensuring both durability and longevity. Additionally, they come with a stylish five-spoke design that complements any car and adds the perfect amount of flair. The black finish on these wheels is not only stylish, but also helps to prevent corrosion and keep them looking new for longer.

At 19 inches, these wheels are the perfect size for any car, and with the 5*112/114.3 bolt pattern, they are compatible with a wide range of vehicles. The 5-hole design adds an extra level of sturdiness, enabling the wheels to withstand both rough terrain and high speeds. The ET35 offset allows for maximum clearance with your vehicle, ensuring that your wheels fit perfectly.

These wheels are incredibly easy to install thanks to their universal fit, allowing you to add an element of style to your car without any complicated or expensive modifications. Moreover, thanks to their lightweight design, they will not weigh down your vehicle, ensuring excellent performance for everyday use.

In summary, if you want to add an element of style and function to your car, the 19 inch black alloy car wheels of ET35 are the perfect choice. Their high-quality construction, sleek design, and universal fit make them the ideal addition to any vehicle. Get yours today, and experience the perfect balance between style and function.

Wheel Sizeing and Offsets

Parameter display

Size Width ET(Offset) Center bore
(hub bore)
Bolt Pattern(PCD)
18 7.5J/8J/8.5J/9J/9.5J/10J/10.5J/11J/12J You can customize any data and color you need.
19 8.5J/9J/9.5J/10J/10.5J/11J
20 8.5J/9J/9.5J/10J/10.5J/11J/12J
21 8.5J/9J/9.5J/10J/10.5J/11J/12J
22 8.5J/9J/9.5J/10J/10.5J/11J/12J/14J
24 9.5J/10J/10.5J/11J/12J


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