How much tire pressure is the right amount for the car?

Tire pressure, strictly speaking, refers to the pressure of the air inside the tire. In car maintenance, the engine is the heart of the car, the damage of the engine will lead to the exhaustion of the life of the car, then the tire pressure is the blood pressure of the car, the level of tire pressure has a vital role in the performance and power of the car.


Air pressure is the lifeblood of tires, and too high and too low will shorten the service life of tires. Too low air pressure will increase the deformation of the carcass, the sidewall is prone to cracks, and at the same time produce flexion movement, resulting in excessive heating, promoting rubber aging, cord fatigue, cord breakage, but also increase the tire grounding area, accelerate shoulder wear. If the air pressure is too high, the tire cord will be overstretched and deformed, the elasticity of the carcass will decrease, so that the load of the car in the driving will increase, if the impact will produce internal cracking and blasting, and the high air pressure will also accelerate the wear of the tire crown and reduce the rolling resistance.


In general, normal tire pressure is subject to the recommended value of the car manufacturer. Tire pressure standards are related to tire type and model, different models, their weight, height and tire size are different, and the required tire pressure is also different. The standard tire pressure is 240kpa-250kpa, and the reinforced tire pressure is 280kpa-290kpa. Moreover, the tire pressure of cold tires and hot tires is also different, and hot tires are about 20kpa higher than cold tires. The recommended value of the car manufacturer is the cold tire pressure value, and the tire pressure in the cold car state is about 230kpa-250kpa, but the specific tire pressure marked by each vehicle shall prevail.

Post time: Oct-23-2023