NNX-D2103 20 Inch Forged Aluminum Alloy Car Wheels Rims Pcd 5X120 5X114.3 5X115 6X139.7 car wheels aluminum

NNX-D2103 16X7 ET 20 P.C.D 4X108 center hole 65.1 1piece forged wheel (custom 16-24inch any date)

20 Inch Forged Aluminum Alloy Car Wheels Rims Pcd 5X120 5X114.3 5X115 6X139.7 car wheels aluminum

Introducing our latest innovation in car wheel technology – the 20 Inch Forged Aluminum Alloy Car Wheels Rims. With their superior design and outstanding performance, these wheels are sure to enhance the look and functionality of any vehicle.

Crafted from high-quality forged aluminum alloy, these wheels offer unparalleled strength and durability. This ensures a long-lasting and reliable performance, even under the toughest driving conditions. Whether you are tackling rough terrains or cruising on smooth highways, these wheels will provide the stability and dependability you need.

The 20-inch size of these wheels not only adds a touch of elegance to your vehicle’s appearance but also improves its overall performance. Their larger diameter enhances handling and cornering abilities, providing a smoother and more controlled ride. This, in turn, enhances the safety of your driving experience.

Equipped with a 5X120, 5X114.3, 5X115, and 6X139.7 PCD (pitch circle diameter), these wheels offer compatibility with a wide range of car models and makes. Whether you drive a luxurious sedan or a sturdy SUV, these wheels will seamlessly fit onto your vehicle. This versatility makes them an excellent choice for car enthusiasts and manufacturers alike.

Furthermore, the lightweight nature of these wheels ensures improved fuel efficiency. By reducing the overall weight of your vehicle, they reduce the strain on the engine, allowing it to operate more efficiently. This not only helps you save on fuel costs but also reduces harmful emissions, promoting a greener and more sustainable driving experience.

In terms of aesthetics, the 20 Inch Forged Aluminum Alloy Car Wheels Rims are truly a sight to behold. The sleek and modern design adds a touch of sophistication to your vehicle’s exterior, making it stand out from the crowd. The polished finish enhances their shine, creating an eye-catching effect that is sure to impress onlookers.

Installation of these wheels is a breeze, thanks to their precise fitment and easy mounting process. With the right tools and expertise, you can have these wheels installed in no time, getting you back on the road and ready to show off your upgraded vehicle.

In conclusion, the 20 Inch Forged Aluminum Alloy Car Wheels Rims are the ultimate choice for car enthusiasts and manufacturers seeking superior performance, stunning aesthetics, and unmatched durability. Upgrade your vehicle’s wheels today and experience the difference these high-quality wheels can make. Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary – choose the 20 Inch Forged Aluminum Alloy Car Wheels Rims.

  • Min.Order Quantity: 4 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 100000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Wheel Sizeing and Offsets

Parameter display

Size Width ET(Offset) Center bore(hub bore ) Bolt Pattern(PCD)
17 7J/7.5J/8J/8.5J/9J/9.5J/10J You can customize any data and color you need.
18 7.5J/8J/8.5J/9J/9.5J/10J/10.5J
19 8J/8.5J/9J/9.5J/10J/10.5J/11J
20 8J/8.5J/9J/9.5J/10J/10.5J/11J/12.5J
21 8.5J/9J/9.5J/10J/10.5J/11J/11.5J//12/12.5J/13J You can customize any data and color you need.
22 9.5J/10J/10.5J/11J/11.5J/12J
23 10J/11J
24 10J/12J



Q1: How to gurantee the wheel quality? A: All of our products conform to JWL/VIA standard, undergo rigorous impact test, cornering fatigue test, radial fatigue test ; Our factory is ISO/TS16949, ISO14001 TUV SFI JWL/VIA certified. Q2: How about your delivery time? A: From the deposit received date, we will finish production within 35-45 days. If need to produce wheel mould, leadtime will takes 3-4 weeks longer. Q3: What information should I provide for a quotation? A: Usually we need know : car model and the wheel size , PCD , CB , ET(offset) ,color and order quantity to make a correct quoation for you. Q4: Do you accept OEM or ODM order? A: We accept OEM, ODM with customer’s logo, wheel design and packing design. Q5: What’s your MOQ? A: For our existing mould, MOQ is 80pcs/size/fitment, can mixed with 2 colors. if need to make your own design, we can discuss about the MOQ. Q6: How to deliver your wheels? A: We cooperate with very reliable shipping company and agent, if you dont have your own agent, we can help you and give you suggestions and the most economic way for shipping by sea or by air, you can choose pickup wheels from the nearest port or at your shop.

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32 color combinations available in our online store.

The Hybrid Forged Billet Sport Cap offers 32 combinations of colors to personalize your NNX Wheels. Starting as 6061 billet aluminum, the cap bezels are machined, hand- finished and powder coated in Vossen’s Miami-based factory using the same finishes as NNX Forged wheels.