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The primary factor affecting cracks

For the same alloy, whether the wheel heart is cracking, it often determines the layout and process parameter of the rotation heart
And production model temperature and other factors.

1. The impact of improper rounding layout design on the fissure of the wheel heart

(1) The inner rounded and improper is not proper, which is the most common reason for the hot cracks of the wheel heart, because the heart of the rotation will produce a large stress at the sharp corner when cooling. In the small part of the inner rounded corner, even if the shrinkage is not flicked, it will cause heat cracks.

(2) The sudden change of the section of the wheel heart will cause the cooling speed to slow and slow. Even if the complement is well reduced, it will produce a large stress, which will cause the wheel heart to condense or the cracks or cracks.

2 The impact of unreasonable craftsmanship on wheel heart cracks

In low -pressure forging, because the pressure retention time is too long, or the liquid tube is too long, the liquid in the lift tube is condensed, and a certain tension is suffered when the wheel -hearted casting is pushed out, causing cold food cracks. Therefore, the reasonable design and littering system is of great significance for reducing the cracking caused by the wheel heart.

Wheel Sizeing and Offsets

Parameter display

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